Searches & Missions

Mission Date:

February 23rd, 2015

DR Number:  
Mission Name: Bikers almost out of gas near Crown King
Deputy’s Name:  
Mission Summary: SYCSRT was placed on stand-by to take gas to 8 Motor cycle riders West of Crown king off of FS road 82A. These were 2 cycle Bikes so we would have needed to take 2 cycle oil with us along with gas.

The riders were first pooling what gas they had and sending 2 riders back to Crown king to bring gas back. This worked and we were called to stand down.

We learned from this that even though we carry gas with us we should also carry a can of 2 cycle oil.

The weather was raining and snowing in the area so we were happy to stay home, warm and dry.


Mission Date:

September 2th, 2014

DR Number:  
Mission Name: Assist Mohave County in the search for 8-year-old
Deputy’s Name:  
Mission Summary: The evening of September 2, YCSO and YCSRT received a request to assist Mohave County in the search for a missing 8-year-old.  She had disappeared from her family home the previous evening, Labor Day 2014.

SYCSRT was asked to provide an ATV team for the rugged terrain near Bullhead City on the Colorado River.

Gregg Drennan, Tom Mueller, Pat and Linda Brown were able to respond, leaving Wickenburg at 2 AM for the three and a half hour journey. Arriving on scene very early Wednesday, our members met with Mohave SAR and received their first search assignment.

About noon, a Mohave County SAR team discovered a suspicious disturbance of the earth, and FBI forensic specialists were called in to investigate. A distinct set of shoeprints was documented, and a shallow grave confirmed.  Sadly, it contained the body of the missing girl.

An arrest has been made in her murder.

Though the outcome was not positive, SYCSRT was proud to have been a part of the search, and stands ready to heed the next call for assistance.

Details of Grogan-Cannella's death emerging
Details of Grogan-Cannella’s death emerging


Mission Date:

August 1st, 2014

DR Number: None
Mission Name: Rincon Rd Fire
Deputy’s Name: Sgt. Brian Kite
Mission Summary: SYCSRT was called out on Friday Aug 1 2014 at 14:27, because of a fire call on Rincon road. We were called to check if evacuations were needed in the area. Before we could even get out of the house and all members could be called we were recalled as it turned out to be a small brush fire. and was under control.



Mission Date:

July 8th, 2014

DR Number: 14-024336
Mission Name: Missing Man @ Lake Pleasent
Deputy’s Name: Tom Tieman
Mission Summary: At about 3:15 Tuesday July 8th SYCSRT was called to the area of north of Lake Pleasant to a place we call the air port ( a old runway). We were to search for a 25 year old male who got separated from his friend while hiking in the area. After we go there we were told he may have gotten a ride and went home, so we waited to be sure. About a hr later we heard that some on has seen a person of his description walking on the road not to far from the north entrance to Lake Pleasant. So we loaded up our equipment and were to search the roads all the way to the lake and SR 74.
As we pulled through the gate at the north end of the lake there was a person leaning agensed a rock the matched and we stopped and asked him his name witch he answered with the name we were looking for. We told him we would take him back to his friends car. On the way back we met up with a MCSO Sgt and he took our subject back to the airport for us.
The DR # for this was our deputy was . We returned home about 8 PM + or – 30 min.



Mission Date:

May 29th, 2014

DR Number: 14-019800
Mission Name: Missing Kirkland Man
Deputy’s Name: Larry Hooten
Mission Summary: On Wednesday evening members of SYCSRT were called out for a night search at Kirkland. Many units of YCSRT, as well as the DPS search helicopter, responded to search for a confused and distraught 74 year old subject who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.Shortly after the unit arrived on site the subject was located in some bushes near the Kirkland Steakhouse and reunited with his family.


April 20th, 2014

Missing Couple – Crown King

A couple riding in a Jeep was reported to have left Crown King Saturday night about 10:00 PM but by the next morning when friends checked for them near Forest Road 711 and Cow Creek Rd, the couple still hadn’t arrived.

SYCSRT was called and was responding when the mission was terminated at that time. Later we found out that the Jeep had been located by some of the friends.

Click Here for more information.


April 14th & 15th, 2014

Santa Maria SAR

A Texas couple, taking “the dirt road” from Alamo Lake to Hwy 93, found themselves mired in deep sand in far western Yavapai County Monday afternoon.

After YCSO was notified Monday afternoon, a “hasty” search was conducted, using a location based off a ping from the couple’s cellphone; but the pair could not be located in the dark desert.

Tuesday morning, SYCSRT returned to the area, and aided by the crew of the Rescue 1 helicopter, located the thankful travelers about 12 miles west of Highway 93, south of the Santa Maria River.

After checking the couple’s physical condition, SYCSRT escorted them back to blacktop, and the pair headed on to Kingman.

They did report a great view of the eclipse.

Their cell phone played an important role in their rescue, as did their ability to provide GPS coordinates today. They did have some food and water, but they, nor their vehicle, a 2WD Nissan Exterra, were prepared to tackle the desert terrain

Initial search location (based on cell phone "ping"
Initial search location (based on cell phone “ping”

Google map showing initial search area vs. where the couple was found
Google map showing initial search area vs. where the couple was found

SYCSRT members arrive at the vehicle
SYCSRT members arrive at the vehicle

Hooking Daryl's truck to the Exterra
Hooking Daryl’s truck to the Exterra

Pulling the Exterra out
Pulling the Exterra out

Back on hard ground
Back on hard ground

Track from the APRS transmitters of the path traveled Tuesday (76 miles)
Track from the APRS transmitters of the path traveled Tuesday (76 miles)


March 25, 2014

Forest Road 711 – Crown King

A truck was reported to have gone over a cliff somewhere near Crown King. The Southern Unit was mobilized to begin searching on FRs 711 & 391 starting near Lake Pleasant and heading toward Crown King.

As the responding unit members were arriving in the area of FR 711 we were notified the person from the truck had safely arrived back in Crown King. The mission was terminated at that time.


October 2013

Sinben search in the Bloody Basin area

Searching for a 22 year old male on a motorcycle who was missing for 2 days and was found over by the river.



June 30 2013

Yarnell Hill Fire

On June 30th the YCSO requested the Southern Unit to help with evacuations and roadblocks in the Yarnell and Peeples Valley area. We assisted with the evacuation of the Model Creek Road area; then we took over roadblocks including the Hays Ranch Road. The following week we manned the roadblock on Highway 89 just north of Congress.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the 19 firefighters and to those who lost homes and property to this fire.



June 18-19, 2013

Doce Fire

SYCSRT was one YCSRT units mobilized by YCSO to assist in securing access to the fire and evacuation areas.





February 13, 2013


Media Release

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office

Scott Mascher – Sheriff

255 E. Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ 86301

Dwight D’Evelyn – Media Coordinator


February 13, 2013 – Child Found!

Ryan, just rescued, with Sgt. Martin and Ryan’s grandfather, Thomas gariibay

(Photo by Sgt. Brandon Bonney of the Prescott Valley Police Department)

Seligman Child Found


Final update –
Ryan has been reunited with his very grateful family following a search exceeding 4 hours involving numerous YCSO personnel and volunteers, along with a DPS Ranger and Guidance helicopter crew flying “Rescue 1.”

YCSO also very much appreciates the 8 residents/ranchers who participated with our crews as part of a coordinated search.

As we have seen in the past, the sooner a call is made regarding any missing child, the greater the chances of finding that child quickly and safely. Ryan was located about 2.5 miles from his home along a fence line.

Additionally, Command Staff had activated the C.A.R.T. – Child Abduction Response Team – bringing numerous trained personnel and resources from area agencies including Coconino County, Mojave County, Department of Corrections -Search Dogs-, DPS, Prescott Valley Police, Prescott Police, Cottonwood Police, FBI, to name a few. Although not fully deployed tonight, their quick response and readiness was evident and appreciated as the search continued into darkness.

In all, about 90 personnel were on scene at the time Ryan was found. A correction – Ryan was in the care of his 81-year-old grandfather at the time.

This search effort, coordinated by YCSO supervisors, in conjunction with the assistance of those mentioned above, provided the key ingredients to finding Ryan safe and before the extremely cold temperatures that follow sunset. Sheriff Mascher would like to extend his heartfelt appreciation to all those involved in this effort to find Ryan tonight.


7:05 PM UPDATE – Two Search and Rescue deputies working with a local rancher located Ryan after discovering a series of tracks in the area —- DPS Ranger paramedics have examined the child and confirmed no medical issues. Deputies are in the process of reuniting Ryan with his family.

Initial release detail —

PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — Search Underway outside Seligman for Missing 2-year-old   

The search for a missing 2-year-old is underway in the Hyde Park area of Seligman, Arizona. The missing child is Ryan Garibay who is 2’ 10” tall, 34 pounds, brown hair and eyes, wearing a red plaid jacket, dark colored pajama bottoms and tan boots.

The child was in the care of his grandmother and was last seen around 1:30 pm playing in the backyard of her home on Hyde Park Road. While she was feeding animals, Ryan apparently wandered out of the yard without notice. Several people conducted a search without success and eventually called the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office around 2:30 PM to report Ryan missing.

A multi-agency search and rescue operation is underway and includes air support from YCSO Rescue 1 and DPS Ranger.

Further updates when available.

Citizens can contact the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office with information or questions at 928-771-3260 or the YCSO website:




February 7, 2013

Bundy Search

On Feb. 7th at approx. 9:30 am, Southern Unit was contacted by YCSO regarding two male subjects stranded on FS 192 that had made a 911 call. It appears that the subjects were driving a grey 2012 Dodge pick up when they suffered a flat tire. They had stated that they were unable to repair the tire and had to walk a distance to gain cell phone service. One of the subjects was on meds. They gave the Co-ordinates where the vehicle was located and their location was confirmed from their cell phone.

The SAR unit was rallied and proceeded to a location north of Lake Pleasant where they thought the best for communications, set up base camp, and proceeded on quads and side by side to the location given by the deputy.

Upon reaching the location, although radio communications were poor, the unit received a text stating that the subjects had received help and the unit was to stand down.


January 5 & 6, 2013


Media Release

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office

Scott Mascher – Sheriff

255 E. Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ 86301

Dwight D’Evelyn – Media Coordinator


January 6, 2013

Missing 5 Year Old Seligman Boy Found


At approximately 11:45 AM today, 7-year-old Cole Evans was located approximately 1.5 miles from his grandmother’s home. Cole was found by two Seligman residents who volunteered their time this morning as part of the search effort. While driving and checking for potential hiding places, they spotted a young boy underneath a trailer. When they stopped to investigate, the boy came running towards them and both recognized Cole immediately. Cole was transported to the Command Post then reunited with his family at their home. DPS Ranger paramedics examined Cole for effects of exposure and concluded he was in good condition with no further medical treatment necessary. Detectives are hoping to sort out his path of travel during the last 24 hours and exactly how he survived the 15 degree overnight temperatures. He apparently had wandered off to explore and got lost.

Cole indicated he was aware of the helicopters overnight, but it was when he saw the 2 rescuers drive by that he knew to run to them for safety. Sheriff Mascher, who also participated in the search, personally spoke with the family and shared his delight regarding the outcome. Cole’s parents, Kyle and Chany Evans, were very appreciative to all the personnel who participated.

The list of personnel involved in the search includes patrol and detective personnel throughout YCSO, the Jeep Posse, Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team and affiliated special units, Southern Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team, Search and Rescue teams from Mohave, Maricopa and Coconino County, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Response Team, Child Abduction Response Teams (CART) from various agencies throughout the State, DPS officers and air support staff, US Air Force flying specially equipped night vision helicopters which were being refueled by C130 aircraft, YCSO Volunteer’s in Protection, Department of Corrections Search Dog Team, and civilian volunteers from throughout the area who arrived in vehicles, ATVs and horseback. We thank them all.

This search effort, coordinated by YCSO supervisors, in conjunction with the assistance of those mentioned above, provided the key ingredients to finding Cole. Sheriff Mascher would like to extend his heartfelt appreciation to all those involved in this effort to find Ryan tonight.

Citizens can contact the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office with information or questions at 928-771-3260 or the YCSO website:




December 23, 2012

At 2130 hrs Dec 23rd the unit received a call from the SO stating that two people were overdue at Lake Pleasant coming from Crown King. We were asked to start up the Crown King/FS 711 road and head toward FS 192 and look for them in a maroon Polaris Ranger. They were reported as a male and female in their 40’s. A second unit from YCSRT was to start in Crown King and work south from there.

The team met at the 113 MP on hwy 60 and started out to the old “CK” rock. We only made it 5 miles or so when the deputy called and said the SxS was in Crown King and called us off the search. I don’t think anyone was disappointed with that news!


December 3, 2012

At approx 2330 hrs, the Southern Unit was called to a missing person in the area of Hwy 96 and the Santa Maria River near Bagdad. Members met a Yavapai County Sheriff deputy and were advised a 33 yr old male had gotten into an argument with his brother while riding in a Jeep and was quite intoxicated. The person left the Jeep while on a 4×4 trail that ran between the Santa Maria road and Hwy 97. His brother said he took a 6 pk of beer with him.

Unit members located an empty beer can and followed tracks but eventually lost them on the trail. At dawn a helicopter was brought in to no avail and as the search was regrouping the missing person walked into base camp. Apparently the subject had consumed the remaining beer that night in a wash just off the road and then fell asleep. Other than a bad hangover and very thirsty, the subject was OK.


October 29 2012

On Oct 29th, the Southern Unit was asked by the Yavapai Sheriffs office to assist the US Forest Service in an exploratory search of an abandoned mine located on public property in the Prescott National Forest. The Forest Service is in the process of closing these shafts due to the obvious danger as well as cleanup of the sites. An issue that is of concern is the presence of bats that may have taken residence in these holes and so before a closure can occur, it has to be confirmed that there are no bats in residence.

The unit responded with its newly developed mine shaft camera system. This system drops an infrared camera down the mine shaft while documenting the resulting pictures on a computer hard drive in the Communications trailer at the surface.

As you can see in the pictures, the camera reached down to the bottom as well as taking pictures of the walls looking for fissures, etc.

Working the winch

Working the winch

Running the receiver and computer in the trailer


September 12, 2012

Missing Chino Valley woman’s body found

Yavapai County officials said Tuesday that they found the body of Jamie Andrews, the Chino Valley woman who was reported missing since Saturday.  Andrews’ body was found in the Wickenburg area and was taken to a medical examiner to determine the cause of and other circumstances surrounding her death, said Dwight D’Evelyn, a Yavapai County Sheriff’s official.

Media Release

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office

Scott Mascher – Sheriff

255 E. Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ 86301

Dwight D’Evelyn – Media Coordinator


September 10, 2012

Search Underway in Wickenburg Desert for Missing Woman


On September 8, 2012, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the 2600 block of West Quail View Loop in Chino Valley regarding a missing adult. The reporting party stated that his wife, 37-year-old Jaime Andrews, had been missing since September 4, 2012. She was last seen driving a green 2007 Honda sedan. Jaime has had some mental health issues recently and her husband was concerned for her safety. He initially thought she had gone to her father’s ranch in La Paz County, but she never arrived.

On September 9, 2012, around 9AM, a rancher found Jaime’s abandoned Honda in a remote area west of Wickenburg known as Bullard’s Wash. Jaime’s dog was found in good condition inside the vehicle. Deputies also located her purse, some clothing, and a water bottle. During a check of the area, deputies found foot prints and began tracking their direction. Fifteen members of the Southern Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team were deployed to search along with a flyover by Sheriff’s Rescue 1. The search was called off at darkness and resumed again early today and involves over 60 search and rescue team members on 4×4 vehicles, quads, and horseback. Rescue 1 has also completed a series of flyovers today. Although there is no indication Jaime has left the general area, YCSO is asking the public to call if seen elsewhere. If anyone has seen Jaime or had contact with her in the described search area, please call YCSO immediately.

The rancher also told deputies she had spoken with Jaime early Tuesday morning, September 4, at his ranch home. The ranch is located north of highway 71 and west of highway 93. Jaime had stopped at his home and asked directions to Almo Road. She was wearing a black “evening” type dress at the time.

Jaime is 5’04 tall, 175 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. She may be in possession of a cell phone but attempts to track it have been unsuccessful as the carrier reports it is likely off.

Citizens can contact the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office with information or questions at 928-771-3260 or the YCSO website:



September 6, 2012

Disabled vehicle on FS 711

At approx. 1400 hrs., Deputy M. Hooten contacted the Southern Unit regarding an abandoned blue pick up blocking the right of way on the FS 711 road. It was unknown the exact location. The vehicle was said to have a temporary plate.

Deputy Hooten said he had checked along FS 192 and the upper end of FS 711 with no results. Deputy Hooten requested that we send a team of quads out to locate the vehicle, obtain the VIN number, the temp plate number, and any other info that we could.

JR Borsos, Pat and Linda Brown, and Tom Mueller responded. The team preceded to the “CK” rock on Cow Creek Road, unloaded equipment, and proceeded up FS 711 road toward Crown King. At Burro John Cabin, the team talked to a camper who advised a yellow jeep earlier in the day had told him there was a pickup totally blocking passage. He did not know how far up the road the truck might be. The team continued north and found the truck. The vehicle was locked and had a broken right front Cv joint. The vehicle ID was noted, pictures taken and the unit returned to base.

On the return, the team met with a pickup containing 5 subjects. They identified themselves as the owner of the truck and that they had repair parts to fix the vehicle. The team notified Deputy Hooten with the needed info and returned ending the event at approx. 2200 hrs.




August 1, 2012

Pictured is the vehicle that resulted in the Southern team being called out to rescue four occupants. Two were with the vehicle and two others were located 12 miles away attempting to walk out.

The truck



May 31, 2012

At 2100 hrs we received a call that a 77 year old male from Idaho was overdue from a trip up the Constellation Road. He was due back at 1700 hrs and was always punctual. The call was taken by deputies from subjects girlfriend. Subject was investigating mining claims and had given his friend a map indicating claims around the Gold Bar Mine. Subject was driving a gray Ford Escape and was in good health with food and water.

We were asked to go up the road and see if we could locate the vehicle. JR, Pat and Linda responded  and after driving all the way to the Williams Ranch and checking the area, were unable to locate anything out of the norm. YCSO was advised and the possibility of an air search Fri morning was suggested.

Subject returned to his hotel this morning.


December 3, 2011

At about 1600 SYCSRT was called by Forest Patrol Deputy Hooten  to go to the Date Creek road to search for a woman who was looking for crystals and could not find her car. Three 4×4s (6 members) of SYCSRT started to gather to go look for her as we stated to meet we received a call that she had been found.  The unit Comm trailer would have also been sent out. Luckily, this subject was not stranded as it will dip into the low 30s tonight.

September 2, 2010

SYCSRT was on call for the search outlined on the press release below. In addition, on the same day, we were called for a rescue for a man who had a rollover on the 711 road.  As it turns out, he was near Crown King and the Crown King Fire Department was able to assist.

Press Release from 9/1/2010 Search:

Missing Prescott Man located by Nephew Piloting Private Plane

On September 1, 2010, at approximately 7:15 PM, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a Prescott man who had gone hunting and not returned within the anticipated time-frame. The man, identified as 84-year-old John Basham, left his home during the early morning hours of September 1 to go dove hunting in Aquila, Arizona, and was expected home the same day. Attempts to reach him by cell phone were unsuccessful. The reporting party was Basham’s wife.

Deputies were told Basham like to hunt near stock tanks, but otherwise had no specific area to focus the search effort. As a result, several law enforcement agencies were notified of the circumstances and provided a description of Basham’s car – a white Jeep Cherokee. Agencies assisting YCSO included the La Paz County and Maricopa County Sheriff, Department of Public Safety, Southern Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team and the Yavapai County Sheriff Office Air Group. Overnight, patrol vehicles checked the route Basham would most likely travel heading home to Prescott, but could not locate either Basham or his vehicle. In the morning of September 2, the Sheriff’s Air Group conducted two aerial search missions while ground search teams checked Aguila hunting areas. Basham was not found at this time.

Just before 5 PM on September 2, Basham’s nephew, who was flying a private plane to assist with the search effort, located Basham’s Jeep in a deep ravine north of Yarnell off Highway 89.  Deputies and Yarnell Fire Department personnel arrived at the location and found Basham conscious and responsive. Basham suffered an apparent back injury and was transported by Lifeline Ambulance to the Yarnell Fire Department. Basham was then airlifted to John C. Lincoln North hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Basham’s injuries do not appear life threatening. Basham likely crashed the prior evening and remained in his vehicle until rescued. The exact time of the accident has not been determined and the cause is under investigation.


August 16, 2010

SYCSRT was put on alert for a search in Payson for a 4 year old boy. Luckily, this little guy was found safe and healthy before our team was needed.


August 3, 2010

At approximately 3am the SYCSRT was called to a search for a second 2 year old missing in the last 2 weeks. Little Emmett Trapp was reported missing in Dewey-Humbolt. Four members of the SYCSRT responded to help support searchers in the northern part of the county.




Pat overlooking search area and helicopter





July 31, 2010

Search Efforts for Sylar Refocused, Investigation Continues

Read the latest on the search effort for Sylar Newton:

Southern Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team continues to lend a hand to the search efforts at Beaver Creek Campground:




Base Camp Beaver Creek Campground








Night Tracking the first night







Line Searching 7/29/2010









Monitoring the pond areas – 7/31/10







July 26, 2010

Current Search Underway for 2 Year Old

PRELIMINARY INFORMATION – Deputies, along with search and rescue personnel, are currently involved in the search for a missing 2-year-old boy last seen in the Beaver Creek Campground. The campground is located south/east of Highway 179 off I17. The boys name is Syler Newton and he has light brown hair, blue eyes, and was wearing only a diaper. He is approximately 3 feet tall and weighs about 20 pounds.

Syler was last seen around midnight inside a tent while sleeping with other family members. At about 1:45 AM this morning, the family discovered he was missing from his sleeping bag. They searched the area briefly and called 911 after failing to locate the child. Deputies arrived on scene and began a preliminary search and interviews with nearby campers.

Currently, YCSO has over 50 personnel on scene as part of the coordinated search effort. DPS Ranger completed a flyover this morning and is expected to return and search further.

If anyone has information regarding Syler and/or his whereabouts, please contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately via 911 or 928-771-3260.

Citizens can contact the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office with information or questions at

(928) 771-3260 or the YCSO website:


July 2, 2010

At 4pm SYCSRT was called out on a search for a missing 73 year old woman just north of Wickenburg off Highway 93.  Several members were able to respond to this local search.


March 8, 2010

YCSO Rescues Two Men Stranded 2 Nights in the Wilderness

On March 7, 2010, just before 7 A.M., the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center was notified of two lost and stranded men in the Wet Beaver Wilderness near Forest Road 618. This area is located east of the I17 at the 179 turn off. One of the men, identified as 61-year-old Carl Schwimmer from Flagstaff, was able to make cell phone contact with YCSO to request help. His companion was 56-year-old Thomas Pearsall from Cottonwood. Both men had been in the area the day prior driving a side by side quad vehicle which ran out of gas. The men, now already out one night in the wilderness, had water but no food.
YCSO Forest Patrol personnel began coordinating a search effort involving the YCSO Jeep Posse, Verde Search and Rescue Team, Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team 4 by 4 Unit, and members of the Southern Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team. Coconino Search and Rescue also deployed an SUV vehicle outfitted to allow travel over snow.
YCSO Communications personnel began efforts to track the missing men with assistance from their cell phone company. The cell phone carrier could only provide very general coordinates based on the closest cell phone tower. DPS Ranger Helicopter was able to fly briefly, and although the missing men were not spotted, they told rescue personnel the helicopter was heard flying overhead. Rescue teams also learned the men found an old shed to stay in which provided some shelter from the extreme weather. The men were also able to light a warming fire. Search efforts continue throughout the night as weather permitted. Their cell phone was used sparingly to save battery power.
Search Vehicle following the Rescue
At approximately 10 A.M. on Monday, March 8, members of the YCSRT Quad Unit were able to locate the shed and rescue Schwimmer and Pearsall in good condition. It took several hours to safely bring both men out and neither required medical attention.
As we all know, weather patterns recently have generated risky conditions for anyone willing to venture into the wilderness. YCSO rescue experts suggest you consider the current and expected forecast before such excursions. It is always better to “over prepare” for such trips. A cell phone, extra phone battery, light source, food, water and severe weather clothing should be included in your planning. Many times, simple day trips become unavoidable overnight stays.

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
Steve Waugh-Sheriff
255 E. Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ 86301
Dwight D’Evelyn, Media Relations Coordinator


February 19, 2010

Of those of you who missed it on TV Live this am here is our call out info— We had 3 members of SYCSRT on this search.

Media Release

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
Steve Waugh-Sheriff
255 E. Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ 86301
Dwight D’Evelyn, Media –Relations Coordinator
February 19, 2010 – UPDATE – MISSING GIRL FOUND IN GOOD CONDITION YCSO Conducting Massive Search for Missing 3-Year-Old in Cordes Lakes ***
Update 9:08 A.M. — Victoria was found in good condition – possible frostbite concerns, but alive and well otherwise. She is being flown to Phoenix Children’s Hospital with her mother. Her dog, named “Blue,” was found with her and was dropped off at the command post in Cordes Lakes. I do not have the exact location of her rescue at this time. YCSO thanks media groups who assisted getting the word out….As details develop, an updated released will be sent.
As of 7:45 AM this morning, the search for 3-year-old Victoria Bensch continues in earnest. Crews have remained on the scene throughout the night in hopes of finding Victoria. Deputies and detectives also spent the evening contacting registered sex offenders in the Cordes Lakes area and have so far ruled out their involvement in Victoria’s disappearance. Cars leaving the area are being checked for any signs or evidence of the missing girl. The family dog, seen in one of the photos issued last night, is also missing and possibly with Victoria.
This morning, deputies and specially trained search volunteers are deploying scent dogs in the continued attempt to track her whereabouts. The dogs will be provided an opportunity to smell an item of clothing from her room as a basis for tracking scent outside the home. Personnel are also continuing to re-check areas searched last night which are now more visible following daybreak. It is expected the search area will expand as the operation moves forward today. At this time, there is no evidence of foul play. YCSO detectives are involved and will remain on scene to assist with the investigation regarding Victoria’s disappearance.______________________________________________________________________________

February 18, 2010

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Deputies are currently involved in the search for a missing 3-year-old girl from a home at 21000 Fremont Drive, Cordes Lakes. The missing girl’s name is Victoria Bensch and she was last seen wearing a brown shirt and pink pants. She is 60 pounds, 3’ in height, with brown hair and brown eyes. YCSO dispatch received a call from the missing girl’s parents just after 6 PM today. The reporting party told deputies their daughter was last seen playing outside on the porch of their home around 5 P.M. They spent approximately an hour searching the area around their home before contacting YCSO. No one at the girl’s home heard anything unusual or suspicious before she was discovered missing. The residence does adjoin State Land where a portion of the search effort is ongoing. YCSO deputies are assisted by members of the Jeep Posse, Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team, DPS, DPS Ranger Helicopter, and Mayer Fire Department personnel. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Victoria Bensch, or information that might aid rescue personnel in their search, please call the Sheriff’s Office immediately at 928-771-3260.


February 3, 2010

Search Call Out north of Lake Lake Pleasant

On February 3rd  2010 at 19:35 hrs.SYCSRT received  a call from Deputy Kirt Crantford that there were 2 over due people north of Lake and wanted our unit to help find these people. They had left about 12:00 PM or 1:00PM and were only going to be gone a little over a hr. We assembled 5 members of SYCSRT to include 3 quads 4 4x4s and our Comm trailer and headed out to the search area. As we approached  Morristown I received a call that the people had be located in Crown King. They had been driving a sand rail and it got either stuck or broke down and the people walked in to Crown King. We would rather be called out and called back then not being called at all. Everyone should remember never go alone.


November 21, 2009

Several members of  SYCSRT assisted in this November 2009 search:

Media Release

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