SAR Equipment

Some of the equipment that members use:

  • GPS devices
  • VHF and UHF radios
  • Repeaters located on surrounding hills, as well as mobile units
  • Fully stocked gear, such as, spotlights, first aid kits, foul-weather gear, binoculars, trail markers, etc.


Specialized Unit Equipment:

Some members of SYCSRT carry a SPOT as radios and cell Phones do not always work. For more info on a SPOT check  We recommend anyone going out in the desert or the woods carry a SPOT .


Comm Trailer – 12ft x 6 ft:  Mission Ready June 2010!

Special thanks to Margie Yoways and Mary DeGeoso for great paint job…  For Doug Jarmuth, J.R. Borsos, Daryl Drake for mechanical and interior work… and especially to Pat Brown for putting it all together!







APRS:  Automatic Position Reporting System

Do you have an event that you need to track or keep track of where someone is located? Like a horse ride, off- road trail ride or a walk? We can put a device on your horse or vehicle and track it to a map (like the one below) on our computer. We can give you real time tracking, to keep you advised on where your people are and about how long before they return. We attach one of these yellow boxes to your vehicle or horse and track it!  We do not charge for this service, however we do appreciate donations to help maintain the equipment. We try to stay with in 50 miles of Wickenburg. The quality of the maps depend on the availability of internet access.  Contact us for tracking at:

 Our APRS trackers and our Portable Digipeater APRS Tracking 144.990 Mhz. 










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